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Incoming postcard from Ivan in the city of Podolsk, Moscow region. 
His hobbies are photography and videography, and also collecting postcards. He wants to receive postcards around the world. 


Thank you Ivan for this beautiful postcard.
Incoming postcard from Maria (17 years old) in Tatarstan, Russia. 
She likes painting, music and ballet. 
She loves traveling and she has been visited 13 countries.


Thank you so much for this postcard.
Incoming postcard from Svetlana in Tver, this ancient Russian city, it is located between St. Petersburg and Moscow. In her city there are many attractions and beautiful places. 
There are quiet and tranquil streets where we can sit and wander far from the city noise. 
She was graduated from University, the Faculty of Law.


Thank you Svetlana for this lovely postcard.
Incoming postcard from Michal in Poland. 
He likes travelling, meeting new people and likes to know something about other cultures, beautiful places and everything what is interesting in the World. 


Thank you Michal for this postcard.
Incoming postcard from Ludmila. 
She likes dogs. Her favorite time of the year - autumn and winter. 
She likes traveling, reading books, watching historical novels and detective stories. 


Thank you Ludmila for  this lovely postcards.
Incoming postcard from Nuno, 47 years old.
He lives in a small town North of Lisbon, surrounded by vineyards, and working at City Hall. 
He has graduated (European Studies) at Open University. 


Thank you Nuno for this postcard.
Incoming postcard received from Ramona. 
She lives in quite a small town near Munich. She works at a school as social worker. 


This postcard is so cute.. 
Thank you so much Ramona.
Incoming postcard Gabriele who was born 1962 in Halle Saale (Germany) and it lies in a the small state called Saxony - Anhalt. Halle has a statue at the market place of the famous composer "Händel". The city has some famous buildings, old castles and a river with the name "Saale" as well. And it is also the country of Martin Luther and his reformations. 

She likes to read books with a historical theme. Crochet is one of her favorite things too and listen to good music and sit in her garden. She lives together with her husband and her little dog in Halle. Her only daughter has moved to Austria some years ago.


Thank you Gabriele for this beautiful postcard.
Incoming postcard from Andrea. 
She lives in Germany with my two cats (Fanny & Casimir)
She likes writing letters and got lots of pen pals. She also really enjoy reading (books, letters, postcards) and being outside when it's winter.
Thank a lot Andrea for this lovely postcard
Incoming postcard from Brigitte in Canada via official Postcrossing. 
Brigitte is working in a hospital laboratory. 
She has 2 children name Anthony and Audrey-Anne. Her main language is French because she is a French Canadian living in the province of Quebec.


Postcard ID : CA - 718399
Incoming postcard from Valerie in Seattle, USA via official Postcrossing. 
Postcard about Lake Union with Mt. Rainer in the distance. 


Postcard ID : US-4622434
Incoming postcard from Fatmanur in Turkey.
Fatmanur is a nursing student. 
This postcard is about national day 23 April "National Sovereignty and Children's Day" in Turkey.



Postcard ID : TR - 317109
Incoming postcard from Beate in Hamburg, Germany via offivial Postcrossing. 
This postcard shows Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany.



Postcard ID : DE-6162136
Incoming postcard from Emily in Taipei, Taiwan via official Postcrossing. 
Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. 
According Emily, Taipei is a busy, crowded yet wonderful city. 
Postcard shows View of Taipei City from Watersource, 1920 - 1925. 



Postcard ID : TW-2239400